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The Dangers That Are Threatening Your Business During Off-Hours

Off-hours present a different set of dangers as compared to what your business faces during operation hours. These safety and security dangers will differ based on the type of business that you have, your on-site location, and other factors. One thing remains the same, though – the fact that you have the power to protect your business from lurking dangers by arming yourself with information. Keep on reading to know more about what possible off-hours dangers your business may be vulnerable to.

Disasters, Calamities, and Accidents

Off-hours typically mean that there is reduced personnel or even no personnel on location. This means that there is usually nobody present to sound the alarm when disasters, accidents, and calamities strike. Simple flooding can lead to an electrical short and then a fire, which means that you stand to lose more when incidences like this occur when your business is either on a break or off-hours.

As a business owner, you can address this issue at the roots by making sure that you set an alarm and security system that can notify you about fires and flooding. You can choose to install cameras as well for remote monitoring if hiring an on-site security team may not be feasible for you. With this said, a few security guards performing regular patrols during your off-hours can catch emergencies faster and way before they turn into disasters, making them a worthwhile investment on your part.

Unmanned Buildings or Stores Are Targets

Crimes tend to gravitate towards businesses that have no off-hours staff on site. Having no staff around means those with bad intentions are free to do as they want. It is easier to trick a camera than a security guard, after all.

When your place of business has no human presence off-hours, you face an increased risk of being burglarized, vandalized, as well as dealing with theft. There is an increased risk of these issues if your location is quite remote or if your establishment is in a bad neighbourhood. If this is the case, a combination of security guards as well as security cameras and alarm response systems will be ideal. Alarms and cameras will record things while security guards can keep out trespassers.

Issue with Careless Vendors

If the delivery of your supplies and other things happens during off-hours when there is reduced staff or no staff at all, then there is an increased likelihood that your vendors may not be as diligent in their responsibilities. For example, a third-party professional cleaner may forget to lock up after cleaning and pave the way for looting. You can address this with automatic locks, cameras, as well as coded access control; or better yet, hiring security personnel for live patrols and monitoring.

Increased Off-Hours Risks for After-Hours Workers

Some of your staff may need to stay after hours or have special responsibilities that entail them to work during off-hours. If they are all alone in your establishment and there is no security system or security staff, they can be easy targets for people with bad intentions. There are cases of people getting abducted right in the parking lot of their places of work because there is nobody else around to protect them or deter bad people. When you have a security team, not only will you be able to protect your business better, but you will also offer extra protection for your employees.

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