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Concierge Security Services

Whether you’re leasing office space for business ventures or live as a tenant in a high-rise condominium, as tenants you most likely expect comfortable amenities, spacious facilities and competitive rates. But without the proper concierge security in place, even these favourable qualities can fail to attract and retain business.

When certain elements approach a property, they are on the lookout for weak points, — and a prime example of this is an unattended entry door. They can take advantage of a door left ajar or simply follow other tenants into the space without any access control checkpoints to monitor their presence.

In addition to monetary losses, a track record of theft and vandalism will inevitably push away tenants who fear for their personal safety and their property and drive costs up. After all, if you’re renting to a business owner, what happens if their customers’ assets or data are compromised?

If you’re providing space for people or property, investing in concierge security can only improve the tenant experience and boost your bottom line. It will also be enticing to those who understand it’s importance. However, It requires the right combination of video surveillance, analytics and trained security personnel to achieve the optimal end result.

The Value of Concierge Security Services 

Above all, tenants need to feel physically safe when they’re on your premises. And if they don’t, chances are they’ll move to a new space when their lease is up, or, depart earlier given the unsettled feeling of no security.

In combination with video surveillance cameras CCTV and security guards, professionally trained concierge security staff can go a long way in making tenants feel safe. By controlling access to visitors, as well as deliveries and maintenance personnel, concierges establish a screening process that wards off potential thieves and keeps tenants’ minds at ease.

Ultimately, the most important reason why tenants care about concierge security is the peace of mind. As a building owner, tenants rely on you to keep their property, as well as their employees or families safe. 

That being the case, a low- or no-incident track record isn’t enough. Your properties may not have seen any thefts or break-ins yet (or perhaps lately), but tenants don’t want you to bank on your success thus far. They want to see you invest in the latest security services to stay ahead of a growing problem.

Just ask yourself: If you were a business owner, wouldn’t you want to know concierge security was operating 24/7 to keep your premises safe? If you were looking for an space to rent or buy, would you not want the same measures in place to protect your home and loved ones?

A Comprehensive Concierge Security Plan

In a traditional sense, concierge security is thought of as a few CCTV cameras and a doorman that remains on-shift through the night. Gaps in video coverage and malfunctioning equipment, however, are all too common with this approach, as are the odds concierges may need to leave their posts to attend to other issues that may arise while on shift, leading to opportunities for those looking out to capitalize.

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