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Top Advantages of a Security Patrol

A security patrol service is perhaps one of the most visible forms of security for commercial business owners but not everyone understands the advantages of this service as well as what expectations should be set. In this article, we will cover the top advantages of a security patrol and what things to consider if you’re planning to have one for your business.

A Security Patrol Can Spot Things That Are Out of Place Before They Create Problems

When you hire a security officer for security patrol, that officer will use their skills to observe people as well as the processes related to your business. As they perform their duty and become better acquainted with the controls and systems used in your business, they will be able to spot issues with them as well as identify people who should not be on site. They can also spot people who may be acting suspiciously or are exhibiting bad behaviour and can further observe them to prevent any unwanted activity.

Security Patrols Lend an Extra Layer of Safety Awareness

Security officers are often trained in various areas of safety. Most know how to perform basic first aid and can de-escalate potential conflicts before they become explosive. Security officers are trained how to communicate with people to decrease danger and tension. Some have advanced training that qualifies them to handle trauma and some are also trained in fire response. Think of security officers as multi-skilled personnel and you’ll see that having a security patrol is not an extra expense but an investment.

A Security Patrol Can Identify, Check, and Test Weak Spots in Your Security

A security patrol will look for weak entry and exit spots in your security perimeter by checking locks, assessing functions of control panels, testing doors, verifying alarms, looking for physical damage, and making sure that access points that don’t need access remain closed. They will make sure that your security cameras are not obstructed by plants and that alarms and doors are all working; thereby preventing losses due to security failure.

Security Patrols Provide Consistency and Variety

Security patrols will conduct consistent testing and checking of areas that need added security simply by adding them to their patrol route. With this said, they will usually vary their route as well as the time of patrols to make sure that these are varied enough to be unpredictable for people with nefarious intent.

A Security Patrol Gives a Visible Layer of Security

As your hired security guards perform their patrols, their visible presence gives a reassuring sense of safety and security to anyone who sees them. Compared to a camera or monitor that is usually hidden, a security guard that people can interact and with and see is perceived as an active provider of safety and other assistance. Having security guards perform a patrol communicates the fact that your establishment takes security seriously and this can further help in deterring unwanted activities.

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