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Protect Your Employees with Construction Site Security

A construction site is usually not a priority in terms of protection for a lot of businesses. The common misconception is that materials and equipment are the only things to protect but there are more things to protect in a construction site than just the equipment. Employees can be placed in danger if thieves and other bad elements in society know that a certain construction site does not have security.

Construction Site Theft Prevention

High-value equipment is often a target for thieves. To decrease the chances of these high-value equipment getting stolen, they should have proper storage. Additionally, there should be a proper protocol to have access to them. This system can be formulated or enforced by security officers.

Another way of deterring equipment from getting stolen is to remove essential parts when they are not in use. An example would be removing a wheel or two from a vehicle or perhaps removing a certain part of machinery that would render the equipment immobile when not in use.

Benefits of Hiring Security Personnel for Your Construction Site

There is only so much you can do by having cameras, installing a fence, or getting some personnel involved in terms of security. For the full benefits of protecting your employees on your construction site, you will want to hire security personnel. Security personnel will be on-site even on holidays and even after work hours. They are also trained to look for any lapses in security as well as find ways to improve security in your construction site. An example of this would be scheduling rounds during construction employee break times so that there will always be someone to oversee equipment as well as the safety of the construction site. When your workplace is guarded by a security guard or a security officer, then criminals will think several times before targeting your site. Remember that criminals often take advantage of the absence of people to carry out their sinister plans, so the presence of a security guard is a huge factor in deterring criminal activity.

Aside from the above, one of the duties of construction security personnel is risk assessment. They can look for issues before they happen and provide ways to prevent them from occurring, to begin with. They can apprehend or take note of suspicious people who are circling the site. Cameras can only record or provide visibility of things but they cannot tell which persons are allowed in or out or tell someone to go away.

Improve Construction Site Security

Do you have questions about hiring security guards to protect your construction site or have questions about the ways that you can improve the safety of your construction site for your employees? Contact us at Centaur Security Services and we will be happy to address your concerns.