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Top Four Security Trends to Watch Out For In 2022

Leading security companies are modifying their approach to accommodate the changing needs of successful businesses and companies in 2022.  Since pandemic precautions are lifting, more people are spending less time at home as they go back to face-to-face interactions at work or school. These updates will cost massive changes in the security industry and in turn, will warrant a change in security guard coverage. With this in mind, here are our Top Four Security Trends predictions for 2022.  

Lots of Gaps to Cover

Security guard agencies are finding themselves facing labour shortages across North America. This trend affects many industries as more security personnel are needed to cover the rising security need. With quarantines and lockdowns that we have experienced starting in 2020, security guards are no longer seen as people who work behind the scenes, but are now recognized as front liners for the companies that they serve. Because of this, security personnel must keep up and be better at monitoring foot traffic and crowds, while making sure that security guidelines, as well as health protocols, are followed. Unfortunately, plenty of people who used to work in security are opting not to go back to it because of the risks that they’ve experienced while on duty during the pandemic. This is a predicament that is a big factor in the continued security shortage in 2022.       

Better Approach to Safety and Security

Instead of simply hiring a security company and sitting back, 2022 might be the year that companies will take a more proactive approach to managing their safety and security. Not only are they going to make sure that they hire the best security providers, but they might also develop their own ways to train and assess hired security guards to reveal vulnerabilities in their systems and properties. The goal is to save the company time and money as well as keep its people, customers, and assets safe. With this said, there might be an increased need for risk assessment as provided by security companies.

Security Guards and Improvements in Technology

More and more companies are realizing that a combination of in-person security and technology provides the best coverage in terms of security. Cyber security and security guards are considered baseline requirements these days and are no longer thought of as separate entities.

Expect that there will be continuing expectation that security will be built into devices that will allow people to attend events or have access to a building. This may result in the increasing use of mobile phones and personal gadgets as key access to restricted areas.

2022 might be the year wherein security guards will start monitoring activity and perform security checks via an app provided by the client or a security company. The same app might also be used to track activity hours and reports. Some security companies already have a framework that allows everything to be done online like this.

Extensive and Improved Security Guard Training

Although a lot of people working in security already have a military or law enforcement background and are already trained to handle emergencies calmly, the best security companies are aware that the changing security needs of businesses will require that security guards need to have more than the standard training. Some security companies might start training security guards for industry-specific tasks so that they can be the best at addressing current threats to the business that they will be assigned to. Additional training might also be given as a way to produce more well-rounded security personnel.

These predictions are meant to be general. If you’re looking for a tailored approach, do not hesitate to contact us at Centaur Security Service Inc so we can discuss which of our security services could benefit you.