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5 Things to Verify Before Hiring A Mobile Patrol Security Service

Security is one of the most important things that you can give yourself to ensure that you’ll have peace of mind whenever you leave your business or property alone. It is not a secret that increasing crime rates have made it necessary for every property or business owner to arrange security solutions. One of these solutions is having a mobile patrol security service.

Although static security is usually enough for safeguarding exits and entrances, they are no longer enough to prevent today’s criminals from being a threat to your property or business. The good thing with having a mobile patrol security service is that it will cover a larger open area compared to common security measures. Below are what you need to consider if you are looking to hire a mobile patrol security service.

Go for Trained and Licensed Patrol Guards

Hiring security professionals is a wise investment whenever you’re getting a service that involves the safety of your livelihood. Professional patrol officers have the proper training and experience to implement necessary measures and legally conduct security services.

Get Checkpoints for Special Areas

Each property or business have sites that are more vulnerable compared to others. Having an organized patrol take charge of these areas is crucial especially when manpower is limited. Experienced security personnel will be able to cover a large area and ensure effective risk reduction.

Invest in a Service Provider with Proper Security Equipment

Not all mobile patrol services are the same and some do not have the necessary security tools or equipment to perform their job properly. You need to make sure that whoever you hire will have proper security equipment.

An example of this would be a security guard who is deployed to a construction site, who require hard hats and masks if necessary. If guards aren’t properly equipped, it can be dangerous for both the guard and the property owner.

Ensure That the Service has Great Client Support

The company that you will hire to provide a mobile patrol security service for your business is in charge of your livelihood’s security. It is essential that they are trustworthy and can be easily reached when you need them. Companies with great client support will give you access to updates and reports as needed or upon request.

Check the Guard Monitoring and Guard Management

Hiring a professional patrol team means that they have active guards that are monitored and managed properly from a central office or control room. This office or control room will monitor and manage the guard activities to make sure that they are performing well and assign them tasks that need to be done or completed. The guards need to be easily rescheduled and swapped as needed especially if dealing with highly sensitive material or assets.

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