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What Security Guards Check During Patrols

Security guards need to consider a lot different safety aspects when performing security checks. Not only are they responsible for patrolling a certain area, but they are also responsible for identifying potential threats. In view of these, security guards need to be aware of what to look for to do their jobs effectively. Below are some of the things that security guards need to check during patrols.

All Exits as Well as Entrances

This may look like a no-brainer, but it is indeed one of the most important tasks of security guards to check all entrances and exits. Thieves often target businesses by coming in via a compromised entrance or point of exit. This makes it easier for thieves to vandalize or steal from the property that is being guarded. As a side note, another one of the important things to check for is the presence of forced signs of entry via usually closed exits or entrances. Compromised exits and entrances may be a way for suspicious people to get inside the facility without anyone knowing.

Watch Out for Emergencies

Anything that might lead to an emergency needs to be checked. This can mean investigating a possible crime in progress, fire, burglary, or just something happening that is out of the ordinary. By doing this, the security guard can ensure the safety of the area as well as the people inside it.

Watch Out for Suspicious Things

Checking the surroundings when on patrol is one of the responsibilities of a security guard. Security guards need to maintain a high level of vigilance for anything that might seem out of the ordinary such as unattended briefcases, bags, or packages. Other things to watch out for would be people who seemed to be lost because they could be simply well-placed distractions for something else.

Maintain the Safety of the People

Security guards must make sure that everyone is safe all the time. They should be on the lookout for anything that can injure someone. They should also keep an eye for safety issues including things such as blocked entrances or exits as these may trap people inside the area in the event of a disaster.

Identify Things That Are Out of Place

If there is anything that is out of place or appears to be the same such as a broken window or an opened lock, then it could be a sign that there is an intruder within the area. The same could be noted if things started appearing in areas where they should not be. For example, having cups out in the open when everyone knows that they are usually put away.

Awareness of The Behaviour of People

Security guards need to have an awareness of the behaviour of people within their area of responsibility. Changes in behaviour might be an indication that there is something wrong such as when someone appears to be scared or nervous. Although they may not be involved in a crime or wrongdoing, suspicious behaviour could mean that they are aware of something going on that needs to be checked.

The above are just some of the things that security guards check while they are on patrol. If you need mobile patrol security or perhaps round-the-clock security guards for your business, contact us at Centaur Security Services Inc. We’ll be happy to suggest some of our security services to meet your needs.