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Why Retailers Hire Private Security Officers for the Holidays

The holidays are usually the busiest time for retailers. Shoppers will be flocking into the stores to make sure that they got all their Christmas shopping done and to take advantage of sales and good deals. As exciting as this season could be for retailers, more customers also means that there could be more security threats. For this reason, it is a smart investment to hire private security officers for the holidays. Private security officers can work on seasonal contracts during certain seasons of the year to make sure that your business’s security needs are taken care of. If you’re on the fence about hiring private security officers for the holiday, then be sure to check out further reasons below.

Extra Customer Service

Even though retail stores often hire more sales associates around the holidays, there can never be enough people helping customers on the floor. Private security officers can help with giving directions. More so, just being in their presence can make customers feel safer in such a crowded environment.

Crowd Control

The holiday rush often brings large crowds to certain establishments and where there is a large crowd of people, damage to property as well as possible injuries might occur. Having extra hands to enforce rules can prevent or minimize safety issues related to having more people around.

Help with Emergency Response

Most private security officers are trained to handle certain threats such as fire and basic injuries. They can maintain calmness as well as efficiently evacuate a building if needed. They can also administer first aid to a certain degree and put out small fires and other hazards. Some private security officers may be trained to identify uncommon security threats and neutralize them. 

Preventing Theft or Shoplifting

Retailers deal with theft and shoplifters on a daily basis, but this threat is a lot more prevalent during the holidays. Not only do thieves steal from the store but they can also steal from customers and employees. Having visible security officers can deter this from happening.

Peace of Mind and Safety

Perhaps the biggest reason why retailers may need to hire more private security officers is that having private security officers offers peace of mind to employees, shoppers, as well as the owners of the business. Having security officers in the vicinity can prevent or minimize altercations and also apprehend possible threats before they create damage. With more visible private security officers in the area, shopping will be a lot more enjoyable and peaceful for shoppers. When shoppers can shop in peace, businesses enjoy more profits.

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