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Patrol Duty: What Do Security Guards Check For?

Being a security guard is no easy task; when it comes to their line of duty, all suspicious activity and emergency situations fall under their responsibility. Whenever people need assistance in certain situations, they must be present to ensure the safety of others.

To perform their jobs efficiently, security guards are assigned to do various tasks that keep an area guarded. If you are curious to learn about these duties, here is a compilation of some of the common things security guards must adhere to during patrol duty.

Looking out for People and Surveying for Suspicious Activity

Arguably, the most important duty of a security guard is making sure that the people in their area are safe from harm’s way.

To achieve this, security guards must always be on the lookout for undesirable people in their vicinity and be alert when they detect suspicious activity.

For instance, if an individual seems to look anxious or appears to be running away from someone, security guards must acknowledge this potential danger and attend to it as soon as possible.

Offering Assistance to Those in Need

Since security guards typically oversee a certain area, they should also be vigilant in case an individual may need their help.

For example, some of the most common cases in need of assistance are often children who have lost their guardians or a customer who needs help with directions.

In such cases, security guards must be knowledgeable of their area and be ready to offer their assistance to those in need.

Monitoring Entry and Exit Points

Aside from monitoring the behavior of people within their vicinity, security guards are also tasked to be wary of who is coming in and out of their area to properly detect any sort of suspicious activity.

As threats of property damage or robbery are quite common these days, security guards must make sure that no item or person is left unchecked for the sake of everyone’s safety.

Oversees the Area in Case of Emergency Situations

Similar to entry and exit points, security guards should also situate themselves in areas where they can properly inspect their vicinity.

Because emergency situations can happen at any time and anywhere—whether it be sudden robberies or fire breakouts—security guards must always be prepared and ready to address the situation to keep people safe.

Keeping Strict Watch on Parking Lots

Aside from individuals, security guards are also assigned to look out for any objects that might get stolen, such as cars and jewelry. In the case of cars, it is also their responsibility to make sure that these cars are parked properly and secured.


At first look, security guards appear to be doing nothing when they are patrolling an area. However, there are certain things that they frequently look for during a patrol, and experienced security guards commonly have good reasons for doing such checks.

The tasks listed above are just a few of the many responsibilities of security guards while on patrol. Because they are in charge of the safety of all parties in the area, they must keep a high degree of awareness, which necessitates the use of all of their senses to detect anything unusual. In their patrol duty, they need to be alert and ready for anything that could crop up.

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