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5 Reasons Why Your Warehouse or Factory Needs a Security Guard

While it is true that not all companies need Security Guards, know that they do more than just scan IDs and look around in your establishment. If you own a warehouse or factory and you’re concerned about employee safety, having Security Guards can help promote company safety by providing a crime deterrent presence as well as helping with basic first aid. But these are not all that Security Guards can do. Below are more benefits that Security Guards can impart to your business.

Security Guards Can Spot A Lot of Things

Security Guards are trained to see things that regular people do not see. They can spot inconsistencies as well as possible dangers before things escalate and become impossible to manage. They are also trained to act fast and can respond to a wide variety of situations.

Security Guards Deter Crime

If your warehouse or factory is in a high-crime area or if you have been experiencing an increased incidence of theft, having Security Guards in plain sight can make those with malicious intentions think twice before proceeding with their plans. Intimidation does work and is especially helpful if your factory handles a lot of expensive supplies that can be too tempting for criminal elements in your area. More so, having Security Guards can make your employees feel safer and therefore become more productive.

Security Guards Are Policy Enforcers

Running a warehouse or factory comes with dealing with employees who have their own idea of how things should be done and have no respect for policy and protocol. By having someone to enforce company policies, such as enforcing restricted access to some areas, your business will be in safer hands.

Security Guards Do More Than Keep Unwanted People Away

Yes, they can also escort those who may be in distress or feel unsafe. For example, if you have a dark corner of your parking lot, your employees will feel a lot safer if they can be escorted by your Security guard going to their vehicle. They can also make sure that certain people are kept out, such as people who create trouble or are unwelcome in your establishment.

Hiring Security Guards is Easy

There is no need to train Security Guards yourself. Security providers such as Centaur Security Services Inc often have staff that are available for immediate deployment based on your needs. Any additional training should be minimal and would usually just be about your company policies or protocols that are specific to your line of business.

If you’re looking for Security Guards, you can contact us at Centaur Security Services and we will provide you with Security Guards who are ready for duty the moment they step into your warehouse or factory. Talk to us today and let us help you with your safety needs!