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Centaur’s Alarm Response Team  works with a range of clients including, but not limited to, industrial and manufacturing sites, distribution centre’s, warehouses, retail  and corporate offices and plaza’s. Every clients needs differ so, we welcome the conversation to see where we can be of help and assistance. Allow us to provide you with that peace of mind.

We ensure that our team of professional Security patrols are always available to meet your exact and specific needs, whether you are going on a short vacation and need your home checked regularly, or you are in need of a private security patrol to monitor your commercial complex, business, business plaza or any other real estate on a short term or regular basis, day or night , rain, snow or shine, the mobile security units at Centaur Security are equipped to handle most any request.

Feel free to reach out so one of our dedicated team members can do an assessment and provide you with the best customer care in the industry.

At Centaur Security Services we are readily available 24/7, 365 days a year.


Security Surveillance Camera Systems and Installation

Centaur Security Services offers security surveillance camera systems and full installation services for all sectors of any size, both commercially and residentially throughout the province of Ontario.

Our CCTV specialists will perform a thorough site assessment to tailor the CCTV camera and monitoring system to your unique needs. Our offerings include:


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24/7 Emergency Support

Our clients can rest at ease knowing that our team provides security solutions around the clock. Our operations managers and customer service staff are available to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fully Licensed & Insured

Our Security operation is fully Licensed through the Ministry of Correctional Services and Private Security of Ontario. Our Security agency possesses the appropriate insurance requirements and stand ready and available.

Qualified Security Professionals

The Decades of Security acumen within Centaur Security Services allows for our team to provide our clients with a solid foundation of security skills and precision that is paramount when faced with the challenges of today's ever changing landscape.

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