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Protecting Retailers: Our Expert Loss Prevention Measures

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, guaranteeing a smooth shopping journey for customers stands as a top priority. Nevertheless, within this endeavor, retailers encounter a notable obstacle: shoplifting. This pervasive problem poses a threat to profits and disrupts the shopping atmosphere. In this blog post, we delve into the realm of loss prevention to uncover how Centaur Security Guards effectively protect businesses from theft, shedding light on their impactful contributions.


4 Reasons Why You Need A Security Officer in Your Business

If you own a business or have a commercial building, it goes without saying that you are responsible for the safety of your customers, clients, tenants, and employees. You can improve the security in your building or business by hiring Security Guards or Security Officers to serve as a line of defence as well as help you with customer service and concierge tasks.

Benefits of A Security Plan for Business Growth

Most business owners focus on profit and how to grow it, not giving much attention to building parameters that can secure their business. The fact is that every aspect of your business operation matters for its growth and you can’t afford to jeopardize your business after working so hard to build it up.


Patrol Duty: What Do Security Guards Check For?

To perform their jobs efficiently, security guards are assigned to do various tasks that keep an area guarded. If you are curious to learn about these duties, here is a compilation of some of the common things security guards must adhere to during patrol duty.

Why Retailers Hire Private Security Officers for the Holidays

The holidays are usually the busiest time for retailers. Shoppers will be flocking into the stores to make sure that they got all their Christmas shopping done and to take advantage of sales and good deals. As exciting as this season could be for retailers, more customers also means that there could be more security threats. For this reason, it is a smart investment to hire private security officers for the holidays.

Top Qualities to Look for In Your Security Personnel

Having professional security guards is highly important these days for people to run successful events, operations, or functions; especially those that may involve VIP protocols. When you want only the best security for your business, it is highly important to consider hiring experts in their field or at least people who you are sure are highly qualified to handle the nature of the job.

Businesses That Need Security Guard Protection

Having adequate security is a big deal for a lot of businesses, especially when it comes to the protection of their data and assets as well as maintaining staff safety. Here we discuss 3 types of businesses that almost always require security protection.

What Security Guards Check During Patrols

Security guards need to consider a lot different safety aspects when performing security checks. Not only are they responsible for patrolling a certain area, but they are also responsible for identifying potential threats. In view of these, security guards need to be aware of what to look for to do their jobs effectively. Below are some of the things that security guards need to check during patrols.

5 Things to Verify Before Hiring A Mobile Patrol Security Service

Although static security is usually enough for safeguarding exits and entrances, they are no longer enough to prevent today’s criminals from being a threat to your property or business. Mobile patrol security services cover a larger open area compared to common security measures. Below are what you need to consider if you are looking to hire a mobile patrol security service.