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Having a Centaur Security Team member present within your space is all about peace of mind. With Centaur Security Services Inc. handling your Concierge Security, you will be able to rest easy. Not only will your security needs be exceptional, but your brand and reputation will be safe in the hands of the Centaur Security Team. We pride ourselves at Centaur as being the elite and most professional Security Staff available for hire.

Centaur Security Service’s Professional Concierge and Customer Care Division is vigilantly hand selected ensuring each team member is immaculately presented and always providing a friendly and welcoming environment.

At Centaur Security our team of dedicated staff members understands that our professional team of guards become brand ambassadors of our clients. So, our dedicated HR team often source candidates from outside of the security industry with customer service or hospitality experience, and then provides them with the very best in security training.

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24/7 Emergency Support

Our clients can rest at ease knowing that our team provides security solutions around the clock. Our operations managers and customer service staff are available to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fully Licensed & Insured

Our Security operation is fully Licensed through the Ministry of Correctional Services and Private Security of Ontario. Our Security agency possesses the appropriate insurance requirements and stand ready and available.

Qualified Security Professionals

The Decades of Security acumen within Centaur Security Services allows for our team to provide our clients with a solid foundation of security skills and precision that is paramount when faced with the challenges of today's ever changing landscape.

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