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Centaur Security Services is a proudly Canadian, Security Guard Company. We provide quality and professional Construction Project Security Guarding Services.

As the risk and overall landscape rapidly changes within the Ontario construction industry, so should your security guarding needs. Theft, Vandalism, and other Deviant Impairments tend to wreak havoc on a construction project, costing companies unnecessary and preventable losses. This is where Centaur Security Services can help you.

At Centaur Security Services, we offer quality Security Guard Services throughout the Greater Toronto Area, Central and Southwestern Ontario. At Centaur Security Services, we do not just provide our clients construction projects with a Security Guard, we provide them with a Security Guarding program. We accomplish this through Centaur Security’s multi tailored customer focused approach.

We are proud and active members of BILD, The Ontario Home Builders Association, The Canadian Home Builders Association and the Canadian Condominium Institute.

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24/7 Emergency Support

Our clients can rest at ease knowing that our team provides security solutions around the clock. Our operations managers and customer service staff are available to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fully Licensed & Insured

All of our Security Staff are fully Licensed through the Ministry of Correctional Services and Private Security of Ontario. Our Security agency possesses the appropriate insurance requirements and stand ready and available.

Qualified Security Officers

Our high-profile security guards are trained to handle the most challenging situations and threats to your security. Our guards are well equipped to protect high-risk environments.

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