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CCTV Video Surveillance Systems
& Installations

Commercial & Residential

CCTV Video Surveillance Systems
& Installations

Commercial & Residential

Specializing in Security Surveillance Camera Systems and Installation

Centaur Security Services offers security surveillance camera systems and full installation services for all sectors of any size, both commercially and residentially throughout the province of Ontario.

Guidance is key; Our accomplished and experienced security professionals will work closely with you to design a video surveillance system that not only meets your current requirements but also anticipates future needs as the security landscape continues to progress. We will provide you with insights into the latest technologies, industry best practices, and optimal security practices.

Starting with a full assessment of your facility or dwelling, our security professionals will assess and seek out any vulnerabilities and security breaches that are creating gaps and or opportunities, that compromises your facilities overall security and safety. We will then customize a security surveillance system that meets your respected needs, budget and overall expectations.

At Centaur Security, our seasoned technicians handle every aspect of the installation process. From mounting cameras to configuring backend systems, ensuring a secure and seamless setup.


Our CCTV specialists will perform a thorough site assessment to tailor the CCTV camera and monitoring system to your unique needs. Our offerings include:

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24/7 Emergency Support

Our clients can rest at ease knowing that our team provides security solutions around the clock. Our operations managers and customer service staff are available to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fully Licensed & Insured

All of our Security Staff are fully Licensed through the Ministry of Correctional Services and Private Security of Ontario. Our Security agency possesses the appropriate insurance requirements and stand ready and available.

Qualified Security Officers

Our high-profile security guards are trained to handle the most challenging situations and threats to your security. Our guards are well equipped to protect high-risk environments.

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